10 Ways In Which A Break Up Makes You A Better Person

10 Ways In Which A Break Up Makes You A Better Person

Sometimes, the things we hold the closest are snatched away from us. Cling on to them, hold them as tight as you can, and they still slip away if they are meant to. It hurts. The person you imagined your whole life with just left you stranded and it feels like there’s nowhere to go from here. But time passes and you learn the ways of life. That void remains for a long time. It’s only once your heart forgets (and forgives) them that you realize how much that break up changed you. For good.

1. Only you know how it feels to have your trust broken, to be taken for granted and to be taken advantage of by someone you dedicated all your heart to. Only someone who has been through it knows how terribly hurtful it is. It’s in that moment that you decide you’d never do to anyone what was done to you. You would never hurt anyone that way because you know what it feels like to be on the other side.

2. You finally realize people aren’t always what they seem to be. You know that everything that starts well doesn’t always end well. You’re no longer that naïve and gullible person who believed everything others wanted them to believe. You finally begin to look beyond facades and pretenses. You will never be blind in love again.

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3. We often fall into the trap of chasing people we think would we want only to realize some harsh truths later. Once you come out of a failed relationship, you realize there’s a huge difference between  the one you think is ‘perfect’ and the one who’s right for you. Ask any successful couple who’ve made it through most hurdles in life and they’ll tell you how they never thought they could fall in love with each other when they first met. When things don’t work out with people you thought were ‘perfect’, you begin to understand that you’ve always had all the wrong notions about love and that none of us really have a ‘

 A Break Up Makes You A Better Person

4. A break-up also teaches you to never depend on other people for your own happiness. You realize that love cannot replace emotional stability and self worth in life. That love is not about ‘needing’ another person in your life, only wanting to be with them. Never in life do you seek for someone’s support to ‘complete’ you after a break up.

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5. When you put in your heart and soul making it work, when you forget your self esteem just to make them happy and it still doesn’t work out, you begin to respect yourself a lot more. You realize you’re as important as them and never would you settle for anything less than what you deserve. And with the assurance of having tried your best, you ready yourself to move on and never let anyone walk over you ever again.

6. It suddenly dawns upon you that you’ve probably only been in love with the idea of love than actually being in love with the other person. You can’t force chemistry and attraction. You knew it couldn’t have worked all this while but you still clung on to it, because you too, wanted that perfect love story. But what’s not meant to be can never be. After you break up and find someone you really, really love, you realize what you’ve been missing out on.

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7. You remember how you always wanted a girlfriend when you were younger. And when you got into a relationship, you saw the struggles nobody ever talks about. You know the real deal. You know that the grass is always greener on the other side. And you’d never get into a relationship just for the sake of it, not anymore.

8. You discover a whole new strength inside you. What once seemed like the end of the world to you is now just a faint memory. Do you realize how far you’ve come? That’s the moment you know there’s nothing that can stop you, that’s you’re much stronger than you ever thought.  And it’s a wonderful feeling.

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9. When things don’t work out despite all the efforts, we often become rebellious. After the first serious break up, comes that phase in life where you refuse to conform to any conventions, do things you usually wouldn’t. You explore the world a little more, and realize that you’ve been judging people all wrong all this while, that people not all people who have one night stands are incapable of love, that sometimes, love happens to us when we’re least expecting it, in the unlikeliest of places.

10. And most importantly, break ups teach you to stand back on your own feet. Relationships often make us dependent and it’s only when we break up that we find ourselves alone all over again. We learn what it was like to be on our own once again and begin to love ourselves for who we are. To think of it, break ups really teach us how to love our own company

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