10 Moments In Your Life That You Can Never Forget

Our lives are a box full of memories—some bitter and some sweet. Moments of joy or sadness are not permanent, but if there is anything that stays, then it is our memories. They make us laugh when we want to cry, and they give us tears of nostalgia when we laugh. Here are ten moments in our life which are impossible to forget:

1. Facing A Fear You Had For The Longest Time

When you overcome a fear which you harboured for a long time, be it taking a swim in the ocean, going bungee jumping or maybe just proposing to the girl of your dreams, no matter how you fare, the mere fact that you ‘overcame’ that fear is a moment you will always remember.

2. Your First Salary Cheque

It could be a mere 5000 bucks or maybe 25 grand, no matter what the amount is, the first time you realise the value of hard work and spend that salary cheque is a cherished moment for life.


3. Your First Drive

The first time you start driving by yourself and play your own music, a new wave of freedom hits you. You feel a tinge of happiness, excitement and grand plans of going on drives, singing along to the tunes of the songs that start playing in your head. Years later, when you are stuck in traffic jam, the memories of the first time driving often makes you laugh.

4. Your First Love

You might fall in love twice, or maybe fifty five times, but there is something special attached to the very first “I love you” that came from the heart years ago for that special someone who made you believe in love. Nobody forgets their first love, no one. It stays in your heart always.


5. Your Graduation Ceremony

That moment when you managed to get that degree after a lot of turmoil and when you finally graduate, that smile of satisfaction you have, and the proud gleam in your parent’s eyes is a memory that stays with you.

6. Personal Loss

The loss of a loved one or a personal tragedy changes us for life. While it is not a ‘happy’ memory, but nevertheless, the tarnished memory of how the hurt changed us shapes our lives forever.


7. First Purchase Of An Asset

When you invest in an asset with your hard-earned money, be it your first car or your first apartment, the memory of that ‘first’ is super close to the heart, as it is a reminder of all the sweat you have put in saving that money.

8. When You Settle For The ‘One’

Your first love will teach you a lot of things and while we all think that it will last, it sometimes doesn’t work out. However, when you finally settle down and marry the right ‘one’ for you, you life changes for good. The start of embarking on a journey together is a memory that you will relive often.


9. The First Time You Have Sex

When counting the many firsts in our lives, how can you not take this on the list! The first experience of physical arousal, combined with a rush of emotions which you feel when you make love for the first time makes for a lifetime memory. There is something about the awkwardness, the giggles, the pleasure and even the pain, which stay stored in your heart somewhere.

10. Living Away From Home

It could be staying away from home for college, a new job or maybe getting married in a different city. Whatever the reason might be, staying away from your family for the first time helps you find your identity. You learn new things about the world and yourself which surprise you, and some might shock you, but the experience stays with you for a lifetime.


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