7 Tips To Wear Jeans With Blazers

You’ll normally associate blazers with winters and will just think of wearing them with a suit. But lately, men’s fashion in India has taken a huge step forward and has become a lot more open to experimenting with following different trends. One of them is wearing a blazer casually with jeans. Wearing jeans with blazers makes your style a lot more chic and urbane.

While the jeans-blazer outfit culture is still growing in India, it is way ahead outside of it. Bloggers, models and celebrities rock it as their go-to look.

Few Reasons Why You Should Wear Jeans With Blazers

1. Blazers make you look sharp

2. You can wear it from mornings to evenings

3. Gives you a lot of outfit options

4. Perfect for semi-formal occasions

Style Inspiration

Since the jeans-blazer outfit culture is really big outside our country, we thought of bringing to you style inspiration from a really famous international blogger Blake Scott. Blake Scott’s style has been talked about a lot on international fashion portals and we thought it was time we brought it to you as well. This American fashion blogger has a style like none other. Elegant, sharp, dapper and suave are few terms we’d put out for him! Here is where you can follow Blake Scott:

A photo posted by Blake Scott (@blakescott_) on Mar 29, 2016 at 10:28pm PDT

Jeans-Blazer Outfit Lookbook

1. Wear a t-shirt over jeans with blazer and sneakers below to get the casual look bang on.

Tips-To-Wear-Jeans-With-Blazers© thescotteffect

2. You can also wear the same outfit with formal shoes. It’ll make the outfit wearable on more occasions.

Tips-To-Wear-Jeans-With-Blazers© thescotteffect

3. Try the Tshirt-jeans look with a double breasted blazer to make it even more formal.

Tips-To-Wear-Jeans-With-Blazers© thescotteffect

4. A patterned shirt under a casual blazer and sneakers below would make you wear the outfit at semi-formal occasions.

Tips-To-Wear-Jeans-With-Blazers© thescotteffect

5. If you are looking for a smart casual outfit, this outfit will win it for you.

Tips-To-Wear-Jeans-With-Blazers© thescotteffect

6. Try on a tie with blazer and jeans to get that seriousness in your outfit. Mellow down the seriousness with sneakers below.

Tips-To-Wear-Jeans-With-Blazers© thescotteffect

7. Or you can let the seriousness be and wear formal shoes instead of sneakers.


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